June 3, 2021

Climate Friends launches, boosted by no-code

Climate Friends featured on Makerpad πŸ‘€

Built with no-code πŸ’»

Climate Friends was an idea, described in text in a Notion page for eight months, before I enrolled in the no-code fundamentals course with Makerpad.

Throughout the five-week course, I used the Climate Friends concept as my foundation for learning different no-code tools and building the no-code projects in the course curriculum β†’ a one-page website, a member directory, a marketplace, an online community space, a method for selling memberships, automated email communications, and more.

At the end of the course, when my peers and I gathered to share what we'd built, the Climate Friends community had enough of the nuts and bolts in place to stand up on its own. As soon as it hit the internet waves, people started signing up.

And the rest is history!Β Read more in Makerpad's post and other posts on the Climate Friends blog.

Read the Makerpad blogpost β†’


Tim Falls, an environmental activist and community builder from California, had been wanting to get his climate community project off the ground for a while...


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