Climate Friends:

Climate Friends is a community.

We're from all parts of the planet, where we experience climate change in different ways.

In community, we share fun and meaningful experiences and build friendships. Through friendship, we support ourselves and each other.

Climate Friends is building resilience and empathy on a global scale, by connecting an international community of friends sharing their climate stories.

*With COVID-19 impacting friends everywhere and our members' health+safety our highest priority, we host community gatherings online - and we make it fun!
👋 Hey, I'm Tim - the founder of Climate Friends. Welcome and thanks for visiting!
Along my climate journey, I've experienced big dips in my mental health. The more I've learned about or focused my attention on the climate crisis, the more anxious, depressed, and distraught I've felt.
Community has been key to pulling myself up from the low places and reconnecting me with hope, optimism, and gratitude (my partner, therapists and coaches, Mother Nature, and meditation practice also help).

Climate Friends was the community I needed, so I started creating it. Then, friends from all over the world with similar needs started joining to co-create a community we all need.

We're a small community (~50 humans as of September 2021), and we appreciate the intimacy this offers. That said, we're welcoming new friends to the community every week. We'd love for you to join us, if it sounds like your cup of tea. 🍵

✌️ Tim

Co-create community with friends

Our experiences of climate change are physical, emotional, spiritual, and unavoidable. Being in community with friends offers opportunities to acknowledge all of it, process some it, and know that we're not alone in it.

Climate Friends is global. We're from Latin and North America, Europe and Southeast Asia, India, and beyond.

Climate change is an international emergency. While we live in different parts of the planet and experience the crisis in our unique contexts, we are sharing an experience at a societal scale. It's important to share our stories, relate to one another, and cultivate collective empathy.

Climate Friends is restorative. We move at a slower pace, offering members space to breathe and be still.

Climate Friends is nestled within a constellation of climate communities, each offering pathways and power-ups for people traveling their climate journeys.

As we witness daily environmental injustices, we feel the urgency to act. And we acknowledge that regenerative experiences, like spending time with friends, fuel our effectiveness on the front-lines.
Ultimately, as a Climate Friends elder once said, it's all about balance.

The Climate Friends BIG 3. If we commit to these three things, we can probably be friends.


Be Self-Aware

We understand our individual privileges in the context of our shared environment. We're mindful that our personal experience is unique to others' and we're all connected and interdependent as inhabitants of Earth.


Be Yourself

We're authentically ourselves with our fellow community members. We put ourselves in other's shoes, standing with curiosity and without judgment. We speak for ourselves, not assuming others would speak the same.


Be Selfless

We're committed to climate justice and equality. We look out for our brothers and sisters and take action as a community. We're willing to sacrifice our personal comfort for the well-being of others.

Meet the Climate Friends team. We're a bootstrapped and family-funded, operating eco-consciously in Northern California.

Laura G

Founding Friend, Chief Wellness Officer

Tim Falls

Founder & Chief Community Officer

Find your friends.

Climate Friends. A community of people who care about climate change like you do.