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Climate Friends gather together from around the planet and support each other along our climate journeys.

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How do I get involved?
When you sign up, you'll be invited to our online community space. From there, you can meet friends, plug into activities, and participate in ways that serve you...

Three offerings our members love:

Be in community, on your time

Virtual café, DMs & group chats, weekly rituals, monthly live gatherings → accessible from desktop or a mobile device.

Curations by Climate Friends

Access our Friendly Recommendations database, Climate Calendar, and future collections curated from the community.

Events with Climate Friends

Get-togethers, Meet & Greets, facilitated Circle discussions, book clubs, game nights, creative activities, group journaling, and more.

What community members are saying about Climate Friends:

Community is a vital resource as we navigate the climate crisis. Climate Friends is an open and inclusive community. We're intentionally fostering diversity and creating a healthy environment where friends can be friends.

We stand for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice, and Decolonization

Is Climate Friends a support group? Kinda, maybe, sorta.

We're a group, and we're supportive of one another. So in that sense, "yes" ...?

We refer to ourselves as a community. Just as a group of lions are a pride, and a group of otters are a romp, a group of humans (in our context) are a community.

Is Climate Friends a replacement for therapy? Nope. But community complements therapy well.

Climate Friends is not therapy. Participation in community is complementary to therapy; and so do therapeutic practices, like meditation.
Climate Friends community Moderators and Circle Facilitators are not (necessarily) mental health professionals; they're fellow community members and caring climate friends, like you.

Climate friends are co-creating constellations of empathy around Earth.

See our membership tiers and choose the one that works for you.

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Climate Friends. A community of people who care about climate change like you do.